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Additives that cut emissions, extend engine life, add power and performance.

Throughout gasoline’s evolution—from yesterday’s leaded formulations to today’s multiple of unleaded variations—Innospec has been the gasoline industry’s additive pioneer and innovator.
Today, Innospec Fuel Specialties’ offers multifunctional gasoline additives for all fuel grades and a wide range of older and new gasoline power engines. Indeed, our additives help gasoline refiners and retailers around the world meet exacting local standards. In the U.S., Innospec additives play a major role in upgrading gasolines to meet nationwide TOP TIER™ quality standards.

Of particular interest to today’s drivers, retailers and retailers is a rapidly growing need for gasolines that meet GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine specifications.
Current gasoline deposit control additive chemistries were created for PFI (port fuel injection) engines. But these PFI chemistries are not adequate for deposit control in modern GDI powered cars and trucks.

To ensure compliance with ever lower emissions targets, more engine and vehicle makers are switching over to GDI technology. Indeed, more than half of the new cars and light trucks on the road today are powered by GDI engines. But because these high-pressure, high performance engines operate to very tight tolerances, precision components need protecting if these engines are to perform as intended.

The answer is Innospec’s Dynamico complete performance fuel additive technology—specifically designed to provide superior clean-up and keep-clean performance for all types of gasoline engines.
With this additive’s novel and cutting-edge fuel technology, ensures engine performance is reliably maintained over the life of the vehicle. By removing deposits and keeping the fuel system clean the engine will continue to perform as expected. Designed for use in all types of gasoline, Dynamico formulations reduce and control engine injector deposits, improve drivability, restore power and fuel economy, and cut exhaust emissions.

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