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Superior on-site services dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations

From the very beginning, the management team at Innospec Oilfield Services knew they needed to set themselves apart from other chemical companies. To do so, they made it their mission to not only to be true fluid solutions innovators, but customers service innovators as well. Indeed, a combination of customer feedback and internal technical expertise has helped us develop products and services that famously put our customers’ needs first before all else.

Chemical Inventory Management

For every North American operator— regardless of size—pinpointing new ways to immediately reduce upfront costs, while more efficiently and effectively completing and producing conventional and unconventional assets, is paramount.

Customer Technical Support

The CTS group has equipped state-of-the-art “Mobile Response Technical Units” in order to resolve almost any production or pipeline technical problems quickly. Working with fresh samples on locations allows us to provide a faster response time to get our customer’s wells back online sooner.

Research & Technology

Innospec invests heavily in its Research and Technology (R&T) groups that extends from Ellesmere Port, UK to our full-service regional labs in the US . R&T is charged with discovering and developing novel chemistries to solve the latest challenges of our evolving

Water Treatment

Without a doubt, water is the “lifeblood” of any successful shale well’s development. Water availability, quality and treatment—always of keen operational and economic interest to operators—can be further complicated by such variables as prolonged drought, stringent local regulations, and lower oil and gas prices.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring empowers faster decisions and promotes a safer working environment. Innospec’s automation and remote monitoring capabilities reduce downtime by establishing first-alert notifications delivered in real time. In addition, we can fully control our chemical inventories, injection rates and troubleshoot problems remotely, thereby limiting exposure
in the field.