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HiRate Plus Series

HiRate Plus™ Series

Slickwater fracturing systems depend largely on high performance friction reducers (FR) to achieve the pump rates required for proppant transport and suitable fracture geometry. While simple to use onsite, traditional emulsion-based friction reducers have reached their limits in efficiency and affordability.

To overcome these existing FR limits to provide a solution for service companies that would like to offer friction reduction and sand transport at reduced treating pressures—all while maintaining operational simplicity—Innospec Oilfield Services (IOFS) developed its affordable, high-efficiency friction reducer (HEFR) HiRate™ Plus series.

The only proven, patent-pending HEFR, HiRate Plus is an invert polymer emulsion-based FR specifically designed for ultra-fast inversion and hydration, imparting significantly improved friction reduction efficiency. Easy to mix and meter, the HiRate Plus system—unlike conventional emulsion-based FRs—is based on a higher polymer activity that allows less product per stage; thereby saving operators time and money. And for those chasing pump rate, the product has a better pressure to rate ratio than the conventional FRs, which allows higher treating rates.

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