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Research & Technology

Innospec invests heavily in its Research and Technology (R&T) groups that extends from Ellesmere Port, UK to our full-service regional labs in the US . R&T is charged with providing innovation to our customers that overcome their existing deficiencies or allows the customer to improve their efficiencies with a continuous focus on reducing recovery costs at the well site. The technology team is staffed with highly competent scientists and technicians that rapidly bring innovation from conception to commercialization with emphasis on product performance, cost, manufacturing know-how, quality assurance and field implementation at the well site. These factors are all necessary to assure the full value of these designed products are consistently transferred to the customers’ assets for optimum well performance.

Based on continuous customer feedback, most of the innovation, although fit-for-purpose, is positioned for next-generation development and advancement. In addition to innovation development, the technology team, through its Technical Services group, is structured to optimize fluid formulations comprising our innovative products for use in upcoming work. These efforts are structured to maximize treating fluid performance for a specific well or pad with emphasis are reducing treatment cost

To assist with faster turnaround times on testing, Innospec’s regional laboratories are located in Houston, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Pleasanton, TX; and Midland, TX.